Winning It All is the first book I have read by Victoria Denault, but it will not be the last or the only book of hers that I read. I have already downloaded and am ready to read the first three books in the Hometown Players series, because I loved Winning It All, which is fourth book in this series. 

Sebastian Deveau (Seb) is a French Canadian defensive lineman for the hockey team the Seattle Winterhawks. After seeing his friends and teammates happy and in love, Seb wants to find someone he can share his life with. He is a bit of a serial dater when he meets Shayne Beckford (Shay) at a party celebrating her brother’s gym’s opening. See and Shay have immediate and electric chemistry, which they end up exploring through a heated encounter on the washing machine of the gym’s laundry room. She does not realize Seb is a professional hockey player and she hates the game of hockey. She vows to never date a hockey player because she blames hockey for destroying her parent’s marriage.

Seb discover’s Shay’s aversion to hockey but fails to disclose his occupation for fear she will not want to explore a relationship with her. They are both intrigued with the other, but Shay has her guard up even without realizing Seb is exactly what she does not want. Seb waits too long to reveal himself, and Shay really struggles to trust him. Seb has to spend the time and energy to break down Shay’s defenses, but he is in it to win it and does not back down from the challenge. Seb is definitely the star of this book. He is sexy and sweet. He has the patience of a saint with Shay, because she did start to get a little annoying. I understand that she blames hockey, but her fears started to feel unreasonable and silly.  I wanted to scream at her to just deal with her hockey baggage and not let a winner like Seb get away! Luckily, she gets her act together.

Winning It All is a great sports romance. It is fun and sexy and the characters are endearing. I will definitely be reading the prior three books in this series and look forward to other work by Victoria Denault!