I discovered author Sawyer Bennett this summer when I read the entire Cold Fury Hockey series and have been a big fan since that first page. My Kindle screen is often fogged after reading her books; she definitely writes some smokin’ hot novels. I was intrigued when I received Wicked Bond, because it promised to be even hotter and I wasn’t sure that was possible. I was wrong. It is not only wicked hot but also wicked good. 

Bridger Payne is a deeply wounded man having suffered emotional and sexual abuse as a teenager by his stepmother. As an adult, he uses his body as a currency and attaches zero emotions to the sexual act. He owns the sex club Silo, where his customer’s dirtiest and kinkiest fantasies are explored. Bridger is not only the owner of the club but also participates with his customers and performs but purely as a job. He does not have fantasies or sex for pleasure. He is detached from his sex life – really life in general – but believes he is content. His world is rocked when he meets Maggie Waylon.
A beaten Maggie is brought to Bridger by an undercover ATF agent after she is rescued from an abusive relationship with a motorcycle club president and married man, Zeke. Bridger is asked to care for her as a favor to the agent who must return to his undercover operation. Maggie had a child with Zeke and his wife was jealous and began torturing her when she was saved. She was able to hide her daughter prior to her rescue and is now desperate to keep her out of Zeke’s clutches but alone without anyone to help her, except for this stranger now taking care of her, Bridger. 
Bridger knows Maggie needs help and knows Zeke and his nature but feels he is the least likely hero for her and wary to get involved, but there is something about Maggie that brings out his protective instincts even though they have just met. Maggie and Bridger both find themselves physically attracted to each other, but after years of sex without emotions, the feelings and foreign and confusing, especially for Bridger. Sex was either an attack when he was young or essentially an occupation as an adult; therefore, he is in foreign territory that he might want to have sex with Maggie and possibly a relationship. Maggie also considers sex more of a tool and used it to insure a measure of safety for herself during her years with Zeke. 
As Bridger and Maggie explore their desire and feelings, they both begin a journey of healing. Maggie is instrumental in helping Bridger find acceptance in sexual pleasure and believing he is worthy of someone like her. Zeke is still a threat to Maggie and her daughter, so their budding relationship must survive this danger if they are going to have their happily ever after. 
I normally shy away from plots where the characters have been or are being abused, but Ms. Bennett handled this one well. There were details so you can understand what Maggie and Bridger experienced but not so many details that I was haunted by them while reading. It is especially beautiful and heart warming to see someone like Bridger find happiness. Wicked Bond is a well written erotic novel with two compelling characters who have suffered at the hands of others but find healing and love in each other. 

Wicked Bond is the 5th book in Wicked Horse series. All the books are stand-alone reads, and I have not read the prior four books and do not believe it affected my enjoyment of this one. Many of the same characters flow in and out of all the books; therefore, if you like Wicked Bond, you will be intrigued to find out more about those characters and pick up the previous books. I definitely will.