Aaron Clarkson goes from scorching hot to stone cold faster than he can say Grace Pendleton.
Tessa Dare’s newest addition to The Clarksons series, Too Wild to Tame, features Clarkson younger brother Aaron – a career political staffer who recently lost his job due to his inappropriate sexual exploits. He’s in Iowa to restart his career when he meets his potential boss’s daughter, Grace. Grace’s father is a senator and she’s always been the nonconformer in her political family. She is a natural free spirit and an emotional and complex woman after experiencing tragedy as a teenager. She and Aaron have crazy chemistry when they meet and both feel they can instinctually “see” the other person. They fight the strong pull between them because Grace is turned off by Aaron’s profession and Aaron doesn’t feel he is good enough for Grace. Aaron also knows he would not be able to rebuild career if he has a relationship with Grace.
As I mentioned, Aaron facilitates between the lust extremes. For much of the book, he is determined to talk himself out of any connection with Grace because he is a horrible person. He’s adamant against his own self worth. Then Aaron would make a sharp 180 and allows his lust to take over and attack (not in a predatory manner) Grace. Wow- does his lust take hold and Aaron holds nothing back sexually. Ms. Bailey writes some hot love scenes! The change of pace would have felt less jarring in the story if Aaron had a mindset somewhere between cold-self-hater to crazyed-sex-god, but this is a small complaint.
Too Wild to Tame is a sexy and cute read. Aaron and Grace are two opposites with a crazy attraction that cannot be ignored in an interesting political setting.