The Rebel Heir is the second book in Elizabeth Michels’ Spare Heirs series . It is a stand-alone novel and tells the story of con artist Ashley (Ash) Claughbane’s seven year quest for revenge against the man who financially ruined his family. While pursuing justice, he meets Lady Evangeline (Evie) Green, who unbeknownst to him, happens to be the daughter of his intended target. After realizing who she is and falling in love with her, his feelings for her interfere with his revenge, and he will ultimately need to choose between restoring his family’s honor or finding true love.

I have not read the first book in the series, The Infamous Heir, but I enjoyed this one so much that I intend to pick it up. One of the main reasons I liked this novel is because Ash did not use Evie as a tool for his revenge as many revenge themed books do. The heroine is often used by the hero, but Ash realizes meeting Evie was by chance, and he never sets out to get back at her father through her. Don’t get me wrong; his con against her father affects their relationship, because how could it not? But he is never intentionally using her.

Ashley was a true con man the last seven years as he planned his revenge gainst Evie’s father. He considered it a training of sorts. I was surprised how conniving he was and how much he was able to get away with during the time period. He cheated quite a few people over the years. This part of the story seemed slightly unbelievable to me, but maybe back then a spare heir was able to get away with more illegal activity than most? I liked his character though as he was pretty darn funny throughout the book. He was sweet to Evie and really seemed to love her.

Evangeline was also enjoyable. She gave Ash a pass on his misbehavior a lot, but she appeared to be blinded by love. Her mother was horrible and shaped her to care too much of what society thought of her. She tried to be the perfect lady for years and Ash is everything she shouldn’t want in a husband. She struggles with her feelings for him, but one of the best things Ash does for her is help her to stand up to her mother and care a less about what other people think.

Ash and Evangeline were a great couple. Their love was believable and sweet. It was gut wrenching when Evie found out about Ash’s revenge plans for her father, which is a testament to Ms. Michels’s writing abilities. When you can feel a character’s pain, that’s a good story and what good books do for us. We get to feel someone else’s feelings for a little bit. I definitely recommend The Rebel Heir .