The Heiress and the Hothead by Sabrina JeffriesThe Heiress and the Hothead by Sabrina Jeffries
Series: Sinful Suiters #1.5
Published by Pocket Star on January 1st 1970
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 101
Source: Netgalley
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Stunned by the heat of an unexpected kiss on a cold winter’s eve, two strangers from vastly different worlds turn hotheaded principles into burning passion in Sabrina Jeffries’s delightful yuletide story, The Heiress and the Hothead.

Huh?! This is what I am thinking right now. Huh?! I love Sabrina Jeffries and The Heiress and the Hothead is a cute novella but the story has a strange twist that dumbfounded me into a Huh?! moment. I am still wondering what Ms. Jeffries was thinking when she wrote it. I am not a spoiler, so let’s use an analogy:
If I’m in the middle of a natural disaster and I might not survive, I am probably not going to decide to eat a steak dinner even if it is sitting right in front of me it and looks incredibly delicious. Even if I have never had steak (and might never if I am about to croak) and even if I am REALLY hungry, I doubt I would feel like eating anything considering what’s happening to me right now.
There is nothing wrong with eating steak during a tornado, but I am not sure most sane people would. Ignoring this steak eating issue, Heiress and the Hothead is an okay holiday read.
American Amanda Keane successfully runs cotton mills that she inherited from her father. She’s in England visiting her brother when she meets Lord Stephen Corry, an aristocratic younger son working as a reporter committed to reforming working conditions in mills. Stephen and Amanda share an accidental kiss under the mistletoe but can’t find much common ground otherwise. Stephen has never met a decent mill owner who shows the integrity and care for his or her employees, and Amanda knows Stephen is writing an expose on conditions in mills and has already decided she’s like the rest. She agrees to be the subject of his latest story if he will give her a fair shake and also share with her what he has learned through his reporting. Both have different agendas but their time together makes them see that perhaps they both want the same thing.
If you like Sabrina Jeffries, you’ll probably like The Heiress and the Hothead even considering the odd (but memorable) steak dinner.
ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley, but no one made me write this review and my opinions are honest and my own.