I assign all my books a #hashtag to organize them and a book’s tag normally changes and evolves as I read. The story might feel like an #originalpremise in the beginning but fade to #forgettablebutgood when suddenly it ends as a #didnotseethatcoming. But sometimes a book earns its tag within the first few chapters and never waivers. This normally is either a disastrous or a glorious experience. Disasters happen when the book is a wall banger and a #didnotfinish. Glory reigns when reading karma gives me a #oneofmyfavorite, and I knew Lauren Layne’s For Better or Worse was just that during Chapter 2. I felt like Ms. Layne fed me a happy pill at the 10% mark and my euphoria lasted through the last page.

For Better or Worse is a comical battle of the sexes with hilarious character dialogue wrapped in a complex story that explores the emotional effects of cancer.

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